is a division of Maxima Group LLC, a distributor of Corn Plastic products.

All of our Corn Plastic promotional products are made from a non-petrolium based PLA (poly lactic acid) plastic which is created by fermenting the natural starches found in corn and other plant material.

Did you know that an estimated 200,000 barrels of oil are used each day in the production of conventional plastics?

Unlike the conventional PET Plastics, PLA Plastic uses no petrolium products as raw materials, lessening our country’s reliance on foreign oil for consumer goods.

Is Corn Plastic really better for the environment?

Yes! According to an independant study commissioned by NatureWorks LLC, Corn Plastic uses 65% less energy and produces 68% fewer green house gasses in the manufaturing process.

Is Corn Plastic really Biodegradeable?

Yes! But that doesn’t mean it will disintegrate while you are using it. Your Corn Mug is very sturdy and will last as long as a conventional plastic mug, so it is a good idea not to throw it on your compost pile. The best place for unwanted PLA plastics is a PLA recyling facility where they will be made into new Corn Plastic products, or a PLA composting facility where specific enzymes and a controlled environment will completely biodegrade the plastics in 90 days. But we think you will want to hold onto your corn plastic mug and use it again and again!

To learn more about Corn Plastic, visit our PLA learning page.

(source: Smithsonian Magazine: Science & Nature, August 2006)

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